Fast track your career to senior learning and development roles

Honing the Right Skills for CLO Leadership

The CLO Accelerator is a two-day, pre-conference professional development course designed exclusively for learning professionals who aspire to become chief learning officer for their organization and for business managers new to the role of learning leader. This intensive learning experience will provide students with the vision and tools to execute in the role. Developed in collaboration with the editors of Chief Learning Officer magazine and corporate learning expert Gerry Hudson-martin, former vice president of trading and development for Marriott international, the CLO Accelerator aims to get learning professionals on the fast track to CLO.  

Learning Modules


CLO Leadership

Understand the differentiating competencies, experiences and accomplishments of a successful CLO.



Strategic Decision-Making

Recognize the seven strategic decisions CLOs make and understand the options and potential implications.



Managing the Learning Lifecycle

Sort through the components of the training life cycle including business objectives, stakeholders, budget, risk analysis and project management.



Building a Resilient Infrastructure

Determine which elements of your infrastructure are most critical for organization success and methods to gather baseline data to understand and select meaningful metrics.



Confronting Execution Excellence

Wise execution is essential for the success in getting results and critical questions to ask as challenges arise.



Developing Your Leadership and Personal Action Plan

Identify who you are as a leader, why it’s important to have and share your leadership story, and identify the next steps in your leadership journey.